This roadmap was suggested by me, Wiguan.

If you have another and better suggestion, please argue and discuss. (^_^)

This is the roadmap that I hope will help all of us realize our dream and make VOCALOID SCENE IN MALAYSIA become a big deal!

Hatsune Miku Roadmap

Album Release

A functional user group should achieve something.
And this is a Vocaloid and music composer user group, thus an album release by no mean the most logical things to do. šŸ˜‰

  1. Permulaan Baru (EP)Ā – Vocaloid Album in Bahasa Melayu (Released on 1st July 2015)
  2. Vocaloid Album in English (Deadline 30th October 2015)
  3. Vocaloid Album in Japanese (TBA)


Physical Product Release

In the future we hope that we will have a booth and promoting this user group products and album release to the local people.
Thus, it’s good to have some tangible product in form of album CD in hand, don’t you think so?

  1. 100 professional CDs for Permulaan Baru.
  2. 100 professional CDs for Vocaloid album in English.
  3. 100 professional CDs for Vocaloid album in Japanese

However, this CD productions may only possible if our financial allows us to.


Music Video Release

At least 1 nice MV standard video to be released and distributes on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga for each album release.

A lyric video is just to serve the listener while we work on the MV.


VR Concert

Now this is quite heavy and deep. But I think if we hold hand and passionate about it, we can do it.
You know what is VR right? If you don’t please do your own time research about Virtual Reality.

Let’s make a mobile app where people can attend our concert using that app and enjoy the song that we’ve made so far.

About The Profit

If you notice, all the album released, I’m using my own personal money to finance the release. As well as the CD production (if that happened). But here’s what I can do with all the contributors.
If there’s any profit after all (I REALLY HOPE SO) I will deduct all the expenses where I use my money first. Then the leftover, which is the net revenue will be split among the contributors according to the amount of songs sold and their contribution and effort. But I don’t think it will much after all.

I want us not to look at the money for motivation.
Instead, imagine the LIFE ACHIEVEMENT we have accomplishing all of this.

Last but not least, please like our Facebook page and join our group at VzerMY – Self Published Vocaloid User Group.

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