Rhythm Game Mechanic
Rhythm Game Mechanic

Hello, folks. It’s me again, Wiguan. (^_^)Y

How are you guys doing?

We have some great news for you guys, ready to hear about it?

Applying For Artist Booth For COMIC FIESTA 2015

We are applying for an artist booth at COMIC FIESTA 2015 that will be held at Kuala Lumpur on this coming 19 – 20 December.
However, it’s not confirmed yet but we really hope the organiser will come and check our website here and willing to help our dear Malaysian Vocaloid composer to feature their work too.
Because we are the first ever in Malaysia to release Vocaloid album in Bahasa Melayu.

About Our Album Physical CDs

It will be VERY LIMITED.
As low as 50 pcs only.
Because I change my mind and think, to release the album on a custom printed design USB flash drive instead of a CD.

With a USB flash drive, we not just giving you our full album with more data such as digital booklet, MV and more, you can use the flash drive in your daily life too.

The USB card are however now still in design process and I am still haven’t decide which supplier we will use.

Our Own Rhythm Game

The first original idea was actually to released an RPG + Visual Novel + Rhythm game with Sun of the Dawn‘s original character design.
But, since this is VzerMY project, we will use MMD Vocaloid characters.
It will have RPG + Visual Novel while the “battle” are the song rhythm game.

And of course we will only feature the songs from our album.

The language for the game are English and Bahasa Melayu.

And the game are targeted towards mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

Volunteers For The Game Project

We need volunteer for the game project.

Please visit VzerMY Facebook  group and connect with us if you feel interested to join our collaborative work.

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