VzerMY 2nd Project Participants & Songs List

Apparently, we haven’t decide what’s this second compilation album will be. The first one titled as “Permulaan Baru” which mean “A New Beginning” which is true to us VzerMY user group, it’s the first album release and the first step into this new path. Maybe for the second one we put “Rising”? 😀 What do […]

VzerMY #2 Project Recruitment – English Vocaloid Songs Compilation

Alright, it’s known that we’ve released our first project compilation songs which debuted on 1st of July 2015. You can listen to them at, Permulaan Baru (EP). But it’s time for us to reach out for the rest of the project. You can view our roadmap about what activities and other project that we want […]

VzerMY Roadmap 2015 – 2016

This roadmap was suggested by me, Wiguan. If you have another and better suggestion, please argue and discuss. (^_^) This is the roadmap that I hope will help all of us realize our dream and make VOCALOID SCENE IN MALAYSIA become a big deal! Album Release A functional user group should achieve something. And this […]